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EG Shoot Robbers

A thief must be in prison – this is clear to everyone except the thieves themselves, they do not want to go to jail and try to resist, then special forces come into action and the bandits are shot on the spot, as in the game Shoot Robbers. A gang of extremely dangerous and daring robbers has long kept the wealthy citizens in fear, they robbed mansions, and cleaned several banks. They acted quickly, brazenly, killing the guards and extra witnesses. They could not be caught for a long time, but information suddenly appeared that the bandits were going to climb the central museum and steal a very valuable artifact – the royal crown, decorated with an especially large ruby. The building was surrounded and the bandits were asked to surrender, but they flatly refused. Start the operation in Shoot Robbers. Since the bandits did not have hostages, all entrances and exits were blocked, and you, as a sniper, were ordered to destroy the robbers. Through the walls, even into the optical sight, you absolutely will not see anything, so you have to wait until the figures in black masks appear on the background of illuminated windows. They will try to find a way to get out and will look out the windows, climb out onto the roof, there you will liquidate them. There are some good shooters among the robbers, be careful, they will shoot and they may hurt you, do not let them fire the shot first, a fraction of a second advance will save your life. Shoot Robbers is a classic shooter, so fans of shooting will love it. You will need an instant reaction, the ability to quickly assess the situation, it is not known where the next available target will appear, cover the entire facade of the house and the roof with your eyes. Narrow window openings and the dark time of the day make it difficult to complete the mission, but this should not affect the result. Collect maximum points and achieve a diamond victory. Each well-aimed shot will bring one hundred points. The game can be played on any medium, nothing will stop you from enjoying adventures and demonstrating sniper abilities.
Mouse or Touch

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