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Road Racer

It’s so great sometimes to forget about everything and rush forward in your first-class car. But in real life this cannot be done and then online games such as Road Racer can come to the rescue. In it, you will become the driver of a fast car, on which you can race along the highway. During your race along this highway other cars will be present there. You cannot run into them, because even here you need to follow the rules of the road. And so you have to maneuver a lot when changing lanes from one lane to another and even leaving for an oncoming lane. Gradually, the speed of the trip will increase and to keep the car from a collision will be more difficult. And here you will need your first-class reaction, thanks to which you will continue to move in the game Racer on the road. If you still crash, then the game will be immediately finished and the final result will be displayed. The game Road Racer has a function of remembering the best result, so you can always return to the game in order to try to break your old record. But for this you will have to make a large number of mistakes, gradually increasing your skill in driving in this online application, which you can play on any device with a boarding school. And of course, you will appreciate first-class graphics, cool sound effects and realistic physics, making the trip as close to reality as possible.
Use mouse to play the game.

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